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Aloha and welcome to One ‘Ohana.

Please take a moment to read about an imaginative company and an innovative idea which
could change the direction of your life. It won’t take you very long to look at, and we know
you’ll find it fascinating.

We’re excited to tell you about a cutting edge new opportunity. You’ll find our story compelling,
and, hopefully, you’ll join us as we experience explosive growth.

So, just what is One ‘Ohana? We’re a sales oriented company run by seasoned, successful
marketing professionals who are staunch entrepreneurship proponents. We also strongly believe
that referral or network marketing is the wave of the future.

One ‘Ohana is a company infused with the Aloha spirit, and is governed by its tenets. We were
created to unite people with the common goal of improving life. With our innovative approach,
and with our mission of helping people grow together, we are blazing a new trail with the application
of social networking as our centerpiece.

The transformation to an information based economy presents small business with a viable alternative
to traditional business methods and represents a rare opportunity for you—a chance to live the
“American Dream” where desire, hard work and the right idea mean more than wealth or position.
We’re part of a ground floor opportunity that can change your life.




We Like People - Who Like People - And Profits!


Please take just a moment to read about one of the most imaginative, innovative and potentially
profitable business ideas you'll find anywhere . . . one which might be worth a great deal of money
to you . . . and one which could change the direction of your life.

The very fact that you are looking at this material indicates a desire to improve your position in life . . .
to advance yourself. Good! We're looking for people with just that attitude who are alert to opportunities.

Our product is aimed at people who want to be in business for themselves, who want to have fun
at what they are doing, and who also want the chance for financial independence and security.

We believe that the objectives of making money and having fun doing it are, in the long run, inseparable.
This makes it difficult, as one examines opportunities, to find something which reflects satisfying levels
of business quality and practice. An examination of potential business offerings quickly indicates the
difficulty of finding a business you like for anything less than, to most people, a prohibitive sum of money.

We can address this problem for you . . . for we present a business which works for everyone.
No experience or higher education is necessary. Whatever your goals, whether you want to achieve
total financial freedom, or just want to earn a little extra money, it will work for you.

 The One 'Ohana is a product-driven Company which features a one-of-a-kind publishing network and
a crowd funding portal. Our Marketing Associates enjoy personal use of these programs, take pride
in presenting them to others, and build the strong customer usage and loyalty so necessary for lasting

The One 'Ohana marketing system has been hailed as one of the best marketing programs available
in our free enterprise system. The plan offers an opportunity for those who are ambitious to earn an
above-average income utilizing the dynamics of our unsurpassed compensation program. You can
earn substantial money from your own work, and you may also bring others into the program and
benefit from their efforts as well.

One 'Ohana commits to the success of its Associates with a great deal of consideration and
consultation. Its dedication to a standard of excellence creates a cornerstone for established and
future Associate success. One ‘Ohana is destined to become the standard for the industry.

If the time has arrived to be in a business for yourself, with great products and unlimited company
support that will provide you with tremendous growth potential year round, good times or bad . . .
we invite you to carefully consider joining the One 'Ohana family of Associates.

A Benefit Corporation


One ‘Ohana is proud to assume the characteristics of a Benefit Corporation, a type of for-profit corporate
entity which resembles a private non-profit Corporation.

A Benefit Corporation is a kind of corporation which has as its purpose creating general public benefit
and making a material positive impact on society and the environment as well as generating a profit for
its stockholders. It is a new way for a company to make social change an important part of its mission.

In short, a Benefit Corporation is obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on society, not only
shareholders. In a traditional Corporation, shareholders judge the company’s financial performance; with
a Benefit Corporation, shareholders judge performance based on the company’s social, environmental
and financial performance. The mission of the company is to benefit a large circle of people and issues,
and it is pledged to consider its impact on society, the environment, its associates, the global community,
and its customers.

To further its social goals the company is presently in the process of creating its own 503(c)(1) non-profit
foundation. This company will consider “do good” projects of any type on a global basis. One ‘Ohana has
pledged 5% of its annual pre tax profits to assist in funding of the non-profit.

We are proud to be a part of a movement which rejects pursuit of profit above all (less than .01% of all
American businesses have done so).

Network Marketing Defined


The most exciting trend in business today is Network Marketing. It consists of an extraordinary
convergence of market factors coupled with a method of distribution and marketing
compensation plan which work together to create an unprecedented opportunity. It is big
business offering more opportunity for wealth to more people than any other form of business.

What is Network Marketing?

Networking takes advantage of what has been termed multi-plex income. Everyone is
familiar with linear income—you can work one day and get paid a day’s wages, or you
can sew a dress and get paid for that one piece. Certain businesses and professions,
such as the legal and medical professions, afford the opportunity to earn tremendous
linear incomes.
However, most linear income positions provide very limited opportunities for acquiring
any great amount of wealth. Residual income is another common method of earning
money. It is the prime income source in the insurance industry where a salesperson
earns income this year from policies sold in past years.
If he has enough policies coming due annually, an insurance agent can build a
substantial income base to add to current year commissions. Multi-plex income,
however, takes advantage of the efforts of others to make money for you. It is similar to
the way many major corporations earn their income.

They rely on the efforts of a network of independent distributors. The corporation has no
investment in the distributor network other than paying the staff necessary to deal with
the network.

Network Marketing works on the principle of duplication.

One ‘Ohana provides this, as an individual, the opportunity to build an organization by
approving several committed people who will also “reproduce” themselves by
sponsoring other equally dedicated people.
This continues to infinity.
Sponsoring a person simply means that you bring them into your network as a member.
As they begin the process of duplicating themselves, the network will grow through the
principle of geometric progression.
As one develops a network, one earns commissions on the activity of members. A little
arithmetic tells you that if you sponsor five (5) people who duplicate themselves five
times, one would have 25 people on one’s second level; and one more such
progression of these 25 people each duplicating themselves five (5) times and one
would have 125 people on the third level. Networking is essentially a business of
sponsoring and teaching. Anyone can find five serious people who desire financial
independence. Therefore, it is nothing more than a process of teaching these five
people to duplicate themselves, and on and on.

Networking is a great economic leveler. Some of the biggest earners are
unsophisticated, non-business people. In fact some of them never finish high school.
Most of them had little or no money to start their business when they began networking.

Success is not dependent on age, education, background, prior experience or money.
Success is totally dependent upon desire and hard work.

The bottom line on networking is that it works. The concept is so simple that many
intelligent people find it difficult to accept and wind up considering it a fraud or scam.
Network Marketing, however, is emerging as the preferred method of marketing.

Success with One ‘Ohana means Financial Freedom

State Of The Refferal Marketing Industry


We are living in a time of economic reform which affects all aspects of our life and business. The working world is
shifting dramatically. Thousands of people a day are migrating from insecure, limiting jobs to profitable, fulfilling,
home-based businesses - either full or part-time.

Entrepreneur magazine calls the movement to home-based business . . . "The quiet revolution."

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Not that those who are earning a living aren't glad to be working, we just wish
it wasn't so much or with such stress. The value of work has been described as a paycheck that enables us to
buy more than we can afford and then wish we had more money.

People are tired of the economic upheaval, layoffs and insecurity in the job market. Today we're looking for
ways to escape a working environment that sucks the life out of us and leaves us barely enough time to
recuperate before we're "back in the grind". People want more control and financial stability in their lives.

They want to do for themselves what they're doing for someone else.

Millions are achieving that by working from home in a revolutionary way to earn a good living
. . . home-based business is booming.

Most of the people joining this "revolution" are just like you. They simply want to take some control
of their own lives. They are searching for a more independent, fulfilling lifestyle.

Many successful home business builders are unskilled and inexperienced when they start. They
include those who are now making $100,000 a year. Half are working full time, and others are
working part-time while planning to become fulltime after they gain more experience.

Lack of specific skills is not an issue for a successful career in the home business field.

Within the world of home business, network marketing is considered by many as the greatest financial
opportunity in the history of the world - the ultimate home-based business. Many of these people have been
attracted to ‘OHANA, and are electing to start their home-based business with us.

Are you better off now . . . A real appraisal

Most of us would like to retire, or look forward to retirement and the "golden years." In reality, however,
the average American is struggling under a load of debt - with no real hope for a better future.

Financial stress! You feel it and your family feels it. The frustration and hopelessness of debt also translates
into other problems which lead to stress, divorce, alcohol and substance abuse, even sickness and death.

Too many Americans are on a financial dead-end road. Many live on a week-to-week paycheck basis - one step
from financial ruin. Could you survive the loss of your income for a week, a month, a year? The problem gets deeper.
When we're broke, we don't enjoy life along the way. When we're burdened by debt, and we're watching our
dreams fade and disappear, it's easy to surrender to circumstances - to settle for whatever happens rather
than making something happen.

Most families have actually lost ground in the last 20 years due to economic pressures beyond their control.
Here are some startling facts you need to consider:

• Studies indicate people would willingly give up some money to have more family time. The average
  American now works 164 hours more per year than 20 years ago.

• Wages are stagnant and there's an increasingly unequal distribution of wealth. The average
   household income climbed 10% between 1979 and 1994, but 97% of the gain went to the richest 20%.

• Two incomes are needed today to live as comfortably as a single income provided a generation ago.

• Americans now have 7-8 different careers in our working lifetime.

• We change jobs every 3.7 years.

• In the U.S. we now lose over 1,500 jobs per day.

• 47% of the companies that made up the Fortune 500 of 1980 are no longer in operation - which
  represents a net loss of more than 5 million jobs.

• When you work for someone else you can only expect to earn about 25% of your real market worth.

• 96% of Americans never achieve financial independence.

• 85% of the people reaching age 65 don't even have $200 in the bank.

• 87% of Americans never reach their dreams and desires and are forced to retire on annual
incomes of $10,000 or less (less than $200 per week!).

• The common marginal net worth of most households in the U.S. is actually a negative.

• In recent years, there were more filings for bankruptcy than there were college graduates in the U.S.

• One of every 83 households now files for bankruptcy.

The threshold for financial security in the U.S. is currently pegged at an income of $100,000 a year
or more. Less than one-half of one percent of all Americans earns that much.

What will happen if you don't take action to change the direction that got you where you are today?
You're most likely to become a statistic of Americans at age 65:

• 45% depend on relatives.
• 30% depend on charity.
• 23% work (can't afford to quit).
• 2% are self-sustaining.

With years to plan the future, only two out of 100 made it. Why?

In a survey of the people who have failed financially, 93% of the time it was because of the lack of a plan.
People don't plan to fail - they just fail to plan!

Doesn't it make sense to take action - to have a plan - to take care of yourself and your family?
One way to do so is to diversify your income. With over 3,000 Americans losing their jobs every day,
a number of financial advisors are encouraging people to create multiple streams of income.

The best way to do so is to position yourself for a new profession you'd like to enter - one in which you
can enjoy yourself and obtain financial security.

Are you ready for a change . . . There is a way!

It's your choice. Your future doesn't have to look like your past. Traditional jobs in the traditional
economy are disappearing.

Although there have been massive job losses in many sectors of the economy, the transition to
an information based economy presents rich opportunities. The proliferation of inexpensive
computers, voice interactive and laser technologies, cellular and fax breakthroughs, and with
the information superhighway a reality, most people can live and work anywhere, operating out
of a spare room with all the advantages of a large corporate setting. It has been reported that 98%
of the people starting a home-based business are the happier for it. They enjoy the freedom of
being their own boss and controlling their own destiny. Also, three in four reported they would
never go back to work for someone else.

If an in-depth look at your current life status isn't what you like, you have two choices - you can
lay blame, or you can take responsibility.

So, we know we need to change directions, we wish it wasn't like it is, but what do we do?
WE MUST MARRY this desire with an opportunity - A PLAN. We've also seen that many of the
traditional ways to get ahead - such as a career - just don't work anymore. Don't make the mistake
of thinking if you worked longer or harder you'd earn more. There are just so many hours in a day
and they create an inherent limit on what you can do and accomplish.

The proven alternative to achieve financial independence is network marketing. Network
marketing has become a solid "mainstream industry" and is the fastest growing segment of
the home-based business revolution. While you work independently you are partners with the
company. You determine your results, and you create and control your own destiny.

Network marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years and offers more opportunities
than have ever existed. It is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. People from all walks of life,
including many professionals, are entering the field. They've discovered, as you'll see, that it
affords the best answer for dramatically increasing your income.

‘OHANA has been praised as the greatest opportunity to increase the quality of your life.
Freedom, financially and personally - can be yours in a short time. We'll take you there with
our unique products and extraordinary business opportunity.

Why do people network?

People network for one or both of two basic reasons:
1. Because they love the products.
2. Because they want to make money.

Most people in networking want to earn a comfortable living or just some extra spending money.
One survey reported that 86% of all networkers would be satisfied with a situation if they could
earn an extra $250 per month.

This figure is really driven home if you consider that an extra $400 per month would double the
standard of living for a lot of people.

Forbes says "An Investors Dream"


In today’s tumultuous business world, there is one industry which provides the hope so many
long for.

A headline/article could read like this:The Power of Entrepreneurship, and the burgeoning growth
of the direct selling industry have business-savvy investors and large, respected companies
sitting up and taking notice.

It's no surprise to the 15,000,000 Americans and 50,000,000 people worldwide who are already
part of the direct selling industry, that business is booming. Whether you know it as network
marketing, multi-level marketing or referral marketing, the industry is making a powerful impact
on the way people do business and how they live their lives.

An article in Fortune Magazine called the industry “An investor’s dream . . . The best kept secret
of the business world. An industry with steady annual growth, health cash flow, a high return on
invested capital, and long-term prospects for global expansion”.

• Billionaire investor Guru Warren Buffet labeled it simply, “The best investment I ever made.
  In the last decade, direct selling has grown more than 91% and currently exceeds
  annual sales of $30 billion in the U.S. and $150 billion worldwide.

Each and every week, about 175,000 people in the U.S. and more than 300,000 around
the globe, dive headfirst into the industry’s exciting potential. Yet, despite its explosive
growth, less than 1% of the world’s population is currently involved in direct selling,
meaning the industry has only tapped a tiny fraction of its limitless possibilities.

How it is possible that this industry is thriving when so many are feeling an economic pinch?

Well, consider the state of the current business environment. This is a time of massive
economic change. And discerning entrepreneurs will be the ones to gain enormously.
As Fortune Magazine recently stated, “Forget the paycheck; your W-2 days are over, it’s
a 1099 world now.”

And one of the fastest growing industries is direct selling.

Distinguished economist and best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer predicts 10,000,000
new millionaires will be created in the U.S. between 2006 and 2016.
That is more than double the previous 10 years. What’s more, Pfizer specifically states
that many of these new millionaires will be from the direct selling industry.

Will You Dare To Dream?

Crowdfunding: A New Frontier



The following will acquaint you with, and help define, a sweeping societal change which has
addressed some fundamental issues relative to living the “American Dream”. That concept,
founded on the premise that desire, hard work and the right idea can equal a success story,
has faced serious challenges for reasons we’ll discuss.

Crowdfunding represents a fundamental change, a revolution in fact, in the way products,
technologies and entrepreneurs are supported, evaluated and gauged.

All of us are keenly aware that a very small number of savvy and wealthy persons, entities and
corporations have held the “purse strings” to the capital required to enter the marketplace.
Existing regulations make it all but prohibitive for the small individual or firm to raise money in
the equity market. And, a recent survey indicated that up to 80% of small businesses find themselves
turned away from banks and credit unions (even though they are credit worthy).

Throughout the years angel backers, benefactors and donors have helped fund artistic activity.
Just 10 years ago, online crowdfunding was a fledgling concept used primarily by artists looking
to bankroll their creative endeavors.

However, creative inventors, entrepreneurs and startups recognized the possibilities inherent in
the crowdfunding approach and leapt at the chance to circumvent traditional investor options and
go directly to customers. They discovered that a lot of folks are willing to pitch-in with a few bucks
to bring great ideas to life—and a new industry was born.

Although Crowdfunding websites appeared for the first time a decade ago, the practice goes
back nearly 150 years in America.

In 1884, Joseph Pulitzer used his newspaper, the New York World, to attract 125,000 donors and
raise a total of $100,000 to complete the construction of the Statue of Liberty. The Chicago Tribune
credits the first web-based crowdfunding to fans of the British rock band Marillion; in 1997, they
underwrote their band’s entire $60,000 U.S. tour. The first formal crowdfunding site, ArtistShare,
went live in 2003, raising money for musicians, filmmakers, and other artists. Several other sites
followed, including music site SellaBand, the internationally based Indigogo, and the medical
fundraising site GiveForward.

With this method, just about any promising new project or business can be launched.

Let’s take a deeper look at what Crowdfunding means, and how it works.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is simply the process of asking the general public for donations that provide startup
capital for new ventures. By using this method, entrepreneurs and small business owners can bypass
Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors entirely and pitch ideas straight to interested everyday internet
users who then provide the necessary financial backing.

Here’s how it works.

Creators builds web pages that host information, photos and promotional videos explaining products,
projects or services which they are looking to get funded. Viewers are then offered special rewards
in exchange for pledges that support the project.

But, instead of equity in the company, or a share of profits or benefits, they receive perks such as
exclusive merchandise or more personal incentives.

For example, a supporter of a movie production project gets a copy of a DVD for donating $25;
a signed poster for $50; an executive production credit for $1,500; exclusive red carpet launch party,
or even a small part in the film, for $2,500.

Crowdfunding is applicable to just about all types of projects or ides. New businesses utilizing the
approach have raised everything from several hundred to millions of dollars.

Note that a Crowdfunding project does not have to be a large, successful business to tap into its power.
In fact, it is directed primarily toward startups. With this method one can launch most any kind of business.

Of course, Crowdfunding requires a project which has a theme, scope and content which interests a lot
of people strongly enough to motivate them to part with their hard-earned money.

Crowdfunding may be the most American of business ventures. It’s certainly the most democratic.

Investors ask questions. Your crowd asks, “How can we help?”

Crowdfunding opens doors long closed to small businesses which usually have no viable way to raise
capital. Here backers play the role of philanthropists, investors and customers to support creative
endeavors in exchange for certain perks.

It provides a viable alternative to starting a company the traditional way, and it activates a user base
that you know will be interested in the project.

Crowdfunding doesn’t follow the logic of the free market – it follows the logic of the gift or generously
helping your fellow man.

It creates a sense of participation and provides something increasingly rare in today’s society –
a platform for an essentially non-economic transaction, the kind that builds friendship and communities.

Crowdfunding allows for the early cementing of strong relationships with committed customers, who
become the product’s number one fans, advocates and supporters upon release.

Crowdfunding can serve as a laboratory that allows for testing/gauging the general consumer
interest in the validity of new concepts. It provides a direct link to consumers, including those who
are willing early financial supporters and the likeliest folks to spend more on updates and future releases.

Also, more and more, even established companies use it to launch new products – not because it is
the most efficient way to raise money but rather because it is the best way to reach people.

The crowd is more important than the funding.

What’s more, Crowdfunding provides a better way to generate interest in projects and pre-orders up
front. Because customers become more emotionally invested in the development process, they are
also more emotionally invested in the end result.

This is a big change for the better, and remember that the right mechanism at the right time with the
right idea starts a movement.

Be assured, this movement is not a fad.

The global crowdfunding economy is growing exponentially. The World Bank estimates that
crowdfunding in China alone will surpass $50 billion by 2025. Indigogo reports 8,000 companies
a month are using its services.


One ‘Ohana is developing its own crowdfund portal for use by its Associates.

Crowdfunding is spawning a giant new industry – one with an unlimited upside for those with the
vision and drive to capitalize on it.

Crowdfunding is a financial institution in transition, and it is a certainty that it will play an ever-increasing
role in the global financial scene.

Enter the creative genius of “Crowdfund Me”.

This program is an online social platform geared toward entrepreneurs that provides members
with various tools to connect with one another, raise awareness about their passions, raise funds for
their projects, and to contribute to the projects of others.

CrowdFund Me allows One ‘Ohana members the opportunity to connect to other members in a group
they refer to as a Network.

The CrowdFund Me focuses on creating maximum exposure for that Member’s Profile, Project
and Passions.

This simple, but beautifully conceived plan affords the opportunity for rapid, prodigious income.

This is truly a “ground floor” opportunity, and we are perfectly positioned to capitalize on this exciting
new venture.

We believe in the American Dream—that desire, hard work and the right idea can equal a success story.

Prosperity Power Plan


The Most Compelling Compensation Plan Ever

Network marketing is a great opportunity. Many traditional network marketing plans, however, have
been a disappointment. And, frankly, many of those plans have had some drawbacks. A lot of people
have been unable to achieve any success, and, consequently, have been discouraged to the point of quitting.

What have been some of the drawbacks and problems people have encountered with regard to those
versions of traditional plans? Realistically, in the average network plan it is necessary to sponsor a
great number of people to earn a reasonable income. Not everyone can do this. Many traditional
plans require a great deal of group volume, sometimes in the thousands of dollars, in order to maintain
your organization and earn commissions. Many plans are difficult to explain. The uninitiated can’t
understand them, so they’re not interested. The reward is simply too far removed from the work.

The One ‘Ohana Prosperity Power Plan will introduce you to the simplest, yet most comprehensive
plan ever developed for a direct sales organization. One ‘Ohana has created the most exciting,
innovative and potentially lucrative compensation plan in the industry today.

The program is designed with the novice entrepreneur in mind—yet at the same time affords endless
opportunity for the professional. The plan is an equitable earnings tool for all participants, whether
they elect to engage on a part-time basis, or pursue the opportunity as a full-time career. The part-time
Associate can generate a quick, positive cash flow and achieve the goals that he or she seeks.
The full-time aggressive Associate will be able to attain an impressive level of income with the
proper expenditure of time and effort. Everyone in the plan is compensated on the same basis,
and no income is earned by anyone at the expense of another Associate. You can’t and don’t
 buy a position. Everyone starts out the same way.

One ‘Ohana is generating a new wave of excitement because it has taken out the negatives contained
in most plans, and enhanced the positives into a revolutionary masterpiece of a plan.

A Plan Based on Reality . . .

People get involved with a program because of dreams of financial gain. But for lasting success
the Company must be able to deliver what it promises. The true test of any marketing compensation
plan is how quickly, and how many people with various levels of talent and energy, prosper through it.
With the One ‘Ohana plan, dreams will come true, because the plan is based on reality. The proof of
this compensation plan is the large number of people who experience success with it.

Marketing history, research and data provide us with essential “success” components which have
been factored into the One ‘Ohana plan:

• People need to be able to make money without having to build a huge organization. With the
  One ‘Ohana plan, they don’t have to create an enormous organization of thousands to earn money—
  you make money with very few associates.
• A lot of people can succeed. It is a “Plan for the Masses.”
• There should be no limit on the number of people you can recruit or the width of your organization.
• The compensation plan needs to be based on real figures. Too often, companies believe they need
   to present a compensation plan that appears to pay more than anyone else. So, they create illusionary
   figures. One ‘Ohana does not condone this practice and, with us, what you see is what you get—and
   it doesn’t get any better!
• The compensation plan must be so simple to present that it can be shown and understood by a
  newcomer to the business in a matter of minutes.
• You need a system that appeals to a large number of people who are not professional network
• Most importantly, as emphasized below, associates must be able to realistically make money—
  and quickly.

The Most Important Thing—Show Me the Money . . . Why the One ‘Ohana Method?

Why was the One ‘Ohana Prosperity Power Plan developed?

Simply put, it was formed to make a positive change in people’s lives. Statistics and research show
that the average networker drops out of a program because the money doesn’t come in fast enough.
And, once the initial incentive
is lost, it is seldom recaptured.

Likewise, if you want to attract business professionals into your organization, you must show them,
in real terms, how to replace or generate income very quickly. Most people don’t want to take one to
three years to make money—they want, and often need, instant gratification. If you don’t present a
plan which represents immediate and substantial income, they will become discouraged and quit.
It’s hard for most people to consider the long term when the short term is fraught with problems that
don’t seem to be going away—they need the money now!

So, the ideal plan must generate sufficient supplemental revenue to meet the immediate needs of
the new part-time Associates, or quickly replace the income of the career minded individual, and
ultimately provide opportunity for unlimited wealth for everyone.

The One ‘Ohana total system for success is designed to address this single most compelling need—
it is a plan for everyone and it will show you the money!

One ‘Ohana is about creating freedom for you—freedom to develop as a person, to be with your
family, to help other people, to make a difference, to be satisfied with work and life—to be the best
you can be, because you can afford to, because you have the money.

The income you earn is up to you. The opportunity works for everyone, whether your goal is to earn
a few hundred dollars a month, several thousand dollars a month, or more. One ‘Ohana can show you
how to be the best you can be.

Our Management Team


All businesses are about people and one of the outstanding features of One ‘Ohana is the quality
and depth of its associated individuals. They represent experience and expertise in all phases of
business, from internal operation and know-how to dynamic and creative leadership, and are a
unique blend of business personalities.

They have spent their careers in entrepreneurial and business development activities and have
demonstrated track records of success.

Importantly, and specifically, they are experienced and well-versed in referral marketing activities,
a field where they are well known and respected. They have the ability and desire to propel the
Company to excellence.

Supervision and direction of Company activities rests with these Executive Officers and Directors.


In addition to the Board of Directors, the Company will establish an Advisory Board of
Directors to lend additional support, proficiency and prestige.




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